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Launched in 2004 by John Green as a small-but-perfectly-formed hotel representation company JG Collection’s mantra has always been “none of us is as smart as all of us”. As one of the most experienced teams in business development, we know the industry upside down, inside out and back to front. With this experience comes continuity, a crucial element whenever entering into a partnership.

What we do

We believe in the personal. We’re hands on. We make over a thousand calls every year to individuals travel agents, travel managers, meeting planners, tourist boards and hotels. Although it’s become unfashionable, we still think it’s good to talk. In fact, we’d go further and say that we can’t do our job properly unless we make calls. That’s why John occasionally circulates gifs of big red telephones on the JG Collection Whatsapp group as a gentle prompt…

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Sustainable travel

We are all uniquely connected, the importance of sustainability is well known. But how does this translate for our industry and hotels? The challenge we and the industry experienced was where to start.


Our hotel partners

We provide outstanding support for our handpicked hotel clients from Day One. We don’t just partner with them, we work closely with their brand partners, such as SLH, Relais and Leading Hotels of the World too. Over the last decade or so ‘JG Collection’ has become a touchstone for high-quality hotel representation in the corporate, leisure, entertainment and MICE sectors. Many of our clients say we’re magic, although anyone expecting white rabbits emerging from top hats should look elsewhere!

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