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As sure as the sun will rise and set, hotels and hospitality will evolve and in the words of Edward Farwick, MD Mob Hotels, in describing the evolution of MOB Paris and beyond ‘Were more of a movement than an entity’. This stuck with me throughout my day in his company at MOB, Paris located in Les Puces and its celebrated Flea Market, Saint Ouen.
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I’ve been to Paris many times I’m fond of both its people and architecture though my 15 min transfer to the 17th Arrondissement was new territory for me but then again isn’t that what travel is about? Doing something different, getting outside the comfort zone.
To understand MOB you need to understand the people, the architects, the creative’s the money and the inspiration: Cyril AOUIZERATE, Glyn AEPPEL. Michel REYBIER, Steve CASE, Philippe STARCK and our friend Edward. The internet documents all their fine accomplishments though in my small but memorable introduction to Cyril I was quick to tell him he was responsible for my first and only motorcycle transfer to his Paris based Mama Shelter when it first opened. The flea market location is world famous and it was easy to see why though I was first struck immediately at the corner of Rue Gambetta by a building with Mob House Le Bazar, set up for Dauphine & Jean Paul Gautier’s charitable foundation giving disadvantaged children the ability to study and work in fashion. Initially based within one of the MOB’s meeting rooms you quickly start to appreciate this is no ordinary venture. The MOB is the community and the community is the mob, where else can locals grow their own tomatoes in such a built up space other than one of the two roof terraces at the MOB where guest mingle for drinks overlooking the Sacra Coeur next to the local allotments 
Ground and work has begun around the corner on MOB House the next evolution in the brand which combines residential, work and hospitality same ethos but touching more facets of everyday life and I for one cannot wait to see the results. The Hotelier in my listed its 100 keys, pool, bar and maybe meeting space, shame on me for not asking!
MOB Paris you will find rooms from €100, high quality economics indeed though on a practical level accessible to the centre of Paris by 10-15 minutes but a million miles from the Palaces Paris is loved and famed for. Public transport also within easy reach and a similar time frame.
MOB has already welcomed a second Family member in MOB Lyon, Confluence and I look forward to visiting that Gastronomic City soon but this movement (Pardon to pun) is not sitting still Gare Du L’est (Paris), Bordeaux, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Boston, Washington, LA,

So what of Mob Paris, well if I tell you both the F&B Director, Sebastien and GM, Elieas where fomerly of Ritz Paris and La Reserve then it may give you a sense of place and how these properties are being operated, both the formentioned seemed to have a new creative lease of life perhaps stifled by rigid monotonous hotel framework we often find ourselves sleepwalking within

There are 94 well appointed rooms within three catagoroes Mob Masters, Terrace and Mob complete with free Mobile phones loaded with real time editorial, 50% of the inventory have balconies, yes we are in France with an occasional smoking movement. Three creative meeting spaces though it’s the outdoor coutryard and terraces that allow the property to breath within this residential area. The guest arrival within what can only be decribed as an ethically Creative ‘boutique’ really sets the tone and we loved the early arrival space complete with locker and shower, lets arrive and explore !
The F&B is as you would expect creative to say the least. The combination of Kale Caesar Salad at lunch, Green Bean Salad, feta fresh yellow peaches and the new Gorganzola base, Oregan, three types of mushroom, Shiitaki, Clorat from the Parisean Pizza oven’s was of a very high quality, there were no spare tables both at lunch or dinner… the community has definitely heard about this MOB. To continue this culinary voyage, Ahron Politi joins MOB as Executive Chef for the group in Oct having worked with Chef Guy Martin, Grand Vefour and  Chateau Bouffemont.
All in all you can see which direction this movement is going and I am not going to use the cliche ‘up’ rather ‘spreading’ or alternatively if I can use a boy band simili ‘Collective Direction ’ JGCollection for one is keen to support.



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