MOB Hotels Exterior

Mob House: Space and Time

On January the 18th 2022 , in the very heart of the Puces de Saint-Ouen neighbourhood, MOB, the artisan hoteliers, are opening their new one-hundred room establishment: MOB HOUSE. Here, barely a hundred metres from the MOB HOTEL inaugurated in 2017, Cyril Aouizerate, Michel Reybier and Philippe Starck joined forces to write the second chapter in one and the same novel. MOB HOUSE is a unique hotel model with its 3-in-1 rooms designed for longer stays with a bed, desk and meeting room all combined in one. 100 rooms, an organic brasserie with 200 seats, a landscaped garden of over 2000 m2, a 20 metre-long outdoor swimming pool, a gym, a conversation room, a large “incubator” table welcoming aspiring entrepreneurs… And last but not least, with MOB HOUSE, there are still a thousand other surprises, hidden references and little nods sometimes in the form of subtle mockery, which everybody is free to discover gradually as they go…


MOB HOUSE is first and foremost about rediscovering France as a destination and a reason to travel. It’s about considering the universal vision of France and speaking to that. Because it is the most visited nation in the world. Because the French are rediscovering and reclaiming their own country. Because in a perfect world, France offers the most incredible diversity of landscapes and climates, natural and cultural heritages you could ever imagine. At the MOB HOUSE, France is physically present in everything. Starting with the menu at its restaurant “Feuille de Chou”, a local and organic brasserie with 200 covers drawing on historical know-how to create light cuisine, based on sourcing good ingredients.


MOB HOUSE uses social ecology as a guiding principle. From the building’s construction, with its emphasis on terracotta, wood or clay, to the furniture which uses natural materials first and foremost… From the catering devoted to fresh produce, small organic producers and short supply chains… Up to its 2,000 m2 of open-ground garden planted with trees. With, exclusively and as always at MOB, hygiene and cleaning products that are obviously certified as organic and which are handmade in Bordeaux.


MOB HOUSE is above all a project that is dedicated to the very essence of wandering and hospitality. From the construction of the  building, showcasing the expertise of craftsmen from France and Italy… Right down to the open kitchen, where guests can see what they are going to eat being made. It has spaces reserved for the nomadic worker, who has wandered in for just an hour or a meet-up, for the day or for a works lunch. With its shop full of stationery, drawing and writing implements to attract visitors and furnish workers which what they need. With its conversation rooms to accommodate teams who have come there for the facilities, but who will also find them a bit of a getaway, welcoming and stimulating at the same time, capable of helping them to think, develop and produce their projects together. And finally, and perhaps more than anything, there is the “3-in-1 room” that embodies the central theme of work and production at MOB HOUSE. This is where work and rest, professional and private intersect without ever being confused. This is where, for the price of a night’s stay in a hotel, the travelling entrepreneur now has a large bedroom, an authentic meeting room and a real office in one and the same modular space.


MOB HOUSE is about reinventing the notion of value and the concept of luxury. With its organic restaurant, its gym, its terraces, its outdoor swimming pool or its very high speed Wi-Fi in all areas. However, the belief system of the creators who founded it – Cyril Aouizerate, Philippe Starck and Michel Reybier – is quite different. Because for them, the real value of what is offered and shared by MOB HOUSE with all of its guests lies beyond that. It’s a value that could be summed up as follows: time and space. The value of time being suspended, for an hour, a day or a whole week. Time for lunch, a night away or a stay… The luxury of a space that is open to everyone, somewhere halfway between work and leisure. It’s a place that hasn’t been diluted; on the contrary, it’s all about reconciliation between our professional and private life…

Because true luxury, in an age where everyone wants everything delivered to their door in one click, is taking your time.

So, as of this coming January 18, we’d like to invite everybody who wants to share this new experience with us to head to 70 rue des Rosiers, in Saint Ouen!