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The Liming & Plantation

Bequia, one of the most beautiful and secluded islands within the Grenadines with peaceful and secluded white sand beaches with extraordinary panoramic vistas, is a true hideaway island, hidden from the tourist’s radar yet with numerous exciting and different activities available.

Princess Margaret, who had a home on nearby Mustique, visited Bequia and had a beach named in her honour, which is next to Port Elizabeth and is situated inside Admiralty Bay on the west coast.

The Liming and Gingerlily: Discover a new concept of relaxation on the Island in the Clouds, Bequia (Bek-way). Channel pure escapism in our range of meticulously designed one, two, three, four & five-bedroom villas (totalling up to 27 rooms), with each space gifting exquisite vistas while retaining the privacy afforded by an exclusive Caribbean island.

Pour over the sweeping views of the ocean from your private infinity pool, immersing yourself among the colours of the Caribbean by day and discovering a window to starry skies unspoiled by electric lights by night. Bequia Plantation: With its prime beach front location, secluded at the southern end of Admiralty Bay, Plantation Hotel commands one of the most breathtaking views on the island. Looking out across the sparkling blue waters of the shimmering Caribbean Sea, a golden sun tosses her rays into the evening sky. The atmosphere is filled with the scent of blooming flowers and coconut trees nestled amidst acres of mature land. Within these grounds are beautiful Caribbean villas and cottages (totalling up to 30 rooms), some with self-contained facilities equipped with the highest quality amenities.

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