JG Collection are well aware of our industries impact on our planet. We are all uniquely connected, a Pandemic has demonstrated that to a devastating effect and yet we have all heard historic speeches from world leaders, celebrities and even a Swedish teenager on the subject of climate change and sustainability. So how does this translate for our industry and Hotels? Well if any consumer and business sentiment studies are to be believed it will and has effected us all directly whether we believe it or not. The traveller, agent and planner will now want to know in the future, what our organisation and Hotels are doing in this space including data.. The challenge we and the industry experienced was where to start.

Global Sustainable Travel Council


We were fortunate to connect with the Global Sustainable Travel Council, GSTC. The history states in 2005 two UN agencies UNEP & UNWTO got together to define sustainable tourism and two years later created GSTC in 2007. A Non Profit founded by the UN whose mission is designed to establish standards in the sustainable space both in the public and private sector. There are now approximately 60 other industry labels and up to 200 accreditation companies world wide in the sustainable space. GSTC is a worldwide recognised company with a 13 year history. The organisation provides our industry some guiding principles, Pillars from which Hotels, Tour Operators, Cruise and Destinations can adopt both independently or with a view toward achieving an accreditation. Hotels have a number of criteria, visit the website as the organisation provides a great platform and a starting point.

GSTC sustainability pillars

  • Effective sustainable planning
  • Maximising social and economic benefit for the local community
  • Enhancing cultural heritage
  • Reduce negative impact to the environment

GSTC webinar

Our recommendation to our Hotels back in April 2021 was to listen Randy Durband The CEO of  GSTC webinar recording the Forth Session in this series is focused on Hotels with TUI on the call .  Randy’s observation that resonated with JGC was that the word ‘Sustainability’ does not play out well unlike ‘Responsible Travel’ for example. Each of our hotels have their Pillars and terminology which we felt was important to amplify

MOB Hotels


Our vision of progress revolves around social ecology.


MOB CARES – We have designed MOB as a multifunctional space that evolves according to customer expectations as well as social and societal changes.

Sustainability actions

  • We sort, recycle and compost our waste.
  • We’ve banned single-use plastic from the hotel.
  • We work towards the local environment and biodiversity with vegetable gardens.
  • We grow our own herbs
  • We set up bee hives on the roof
  • We make our own cleaning products according to a zero waste policy
  • The surplus food from our “big Sunday meal” goes to Restos du Coeur
  • We use organic local produce with short food supply chains
  • On a more festive note, we brew our beer in the Les Puces neighbourhood of Paris.
  • We support the Ibaba cooperative which backs initiatives and economic development through the work of women in Rwanda.


  • Organic Agriculture Restaurant Label
  • MOB eco-certified amenities
  • HQE construction and operation certification
  • Passivehouse certification
  • Working towards B-Corp status

Hillside Beach Club


Sustainability is an important aspect of our feel-good mission.

Feel good in nature

  • As of 2022, 242,650 seeds have been planted in the Hillside Forest areas in and around Fethiye.
  • Responsible consumption and reduction in the use of plastics.
  • We do not use plastic bottles in our restaurants, bars, and guest rooms.
  • With bathroom toiletries, we only use biodegradable bottles.
  • We separate all of our waste into different categories and we recycle most of it.
  • Our expert diving team regularly maintains the sea bed in the area to preserve underwater ecosystems.

Feel good with people

  • We hire locally – 76% of the Hillside team originate from Fethiye region.
  • The Hillside Academy program  trains vocational school students in service excellence and foreign languages.

Feel good with food production

  • We support local production and sustainable agriculture.
  • 90% of the ingredients we use at Hillside originate from producers from different regions throughout Turkey.

Awards & recognitions

We hold 10 different certifications, each of which requires hard work, continual improvement, and auditing in different fields. Among these, we are one of only 1,000 hotels in the world to receive the notable Travelife Gold Certification, which is a sustainability award presented by the UK Travel organization ABTA that can only be obtained by meeting 160 different sustainability criteria. Checks are performed every 2 years; we continue to fulfill all of the relevant, required criteria including newly added criteria.

Vintry & Mercer


We take our responsibility to caring for the planet seriously.


Vintry & Mercer have made great strides in reducing their environmental impact through investing in reducing their resource consumption and monitoring their waste.

Corporate social responsibility values

Make a positive impact in our local neighbourhood

We constantly target that 30% of our staff are living in neighbouring London boroughs. Favour local producers and suppliers who ensure the vicinity and quality of products. And we support the local foundation ArtSocial.

 Respect human rights

Generate awareness and encourage the development and growth of our staff. And promote inclusion and safety at work.

Limit our environmental impact

We manage our resource consumption by using 100% renewable energy. We ensure our lighting systems use as little energy as possible. Our water flow rate has been designed to meet the BREEAM excellent standard.

Limit what we leave behind

We manage our waste to ensuring it does not go to landfill. We separate glass and cardboard in-house for recycling, and our general waste goes to a zero to land fill site to be separated. We communicate our values and processes to our guests to encourage them to support our aims.

Vivosa Resort


Holding the environment to heart and respecting nature


Vivosa Apulia Resort is committed to paying attention to what impact its activities have on the regional community, individuals, and business partners. We will work to ensure that Vivosa Apulia Resort has a positive influence in the social and commercial area of Salento, while continuing to avoid negative impacts.

Sustainability actions

  • The reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and waste
  • Re-use of water
  • Separate waste collection in all areas of the resort
  • Solar panels produce clean energy with zero environmental impact
  • Adoption of xero gardening
  • Almost zeroing the use of plastic

Awards & recognitions

  • TUI Umwelt Champion (TUI environmental champion)
  • Ecoresort certification
  • Gold TraveLife Award (Sustainability in Tourism Award)
  • Compliance to the ISO14001 environmental management system.

AX Rosselli


Reducing what we leave behind

Sustainability actions

  • Eliminate 50cl plastic bottles from the guest rooms
  • Reducing the consumption of soft drinks in glass 20cl bottles.
  • Replace the single use guest bathroom amenities by refillable dispensers
  • Encourage guests to reduce linen / towel change by offering them a deal