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A client recently suggested they missed our quarterly communications! If there was ever a case for permission based marketing and an excuse to show off our website

15 Years of JG Collection Dinner Meeting

15 Years of JG Collection Meetup      15 Years of JG Collection Dinner



Time waits for no man. LinkedIn kindly reminded me in January that it’s been 15 years since I established JG Collection, social media has its benefits! Speaking of social media I had another déjà vu moment at ILTM Cannes last December together with Steve O’Loughlin when I was recalling some early Facebook images from the show.

I recounted Serge and Sarah Dive wandering into the hotel lobby of The Hempel where I was GM wanting to shoot some images for the brochure of a new show in Cannes. Fast forward to December 2019 and mid-conversation I announced I have some images from the first show in 2006 where I was promptly corrected, ‘John that’s when Facebook began, the show started in 2001!

That said Facebook is practically retro, now it’s all about WhatsApp and WeChat.There is no escaping the impact technology has had on our industry let alone our lives. Whilst many accept its influence, you only need to look to Airbnb, Uber, OTA’s and The Airlines, we find ourselves wrestling with our own dependence. You hear that on average we check our phones at least 58 times per day and on average spend 3 hours and 15 mins a day on our phones. Who here lets the phone dictate their behaviour? Have you tried turning the notifications off or setting the timing so that blue light is dimmed at a certain time to allow you brain to relax?

There is not a wellness article or podcast I know promoting increased use of technology however, I think we can all agree that balance is the key. Digital has changed the way we connect with our guests, creating a twenty-four seven relationship pre and post stay in a world where the guests believe they have many of the travel solutions at their fingertips! It can be enormously helpful and convenient when used meaningfully.

Given what we know and what we, as hoteliers, can influence, what is fundamental within our interactions with clients? What is meaningful and impactful communication? It comes down to quality v’s quantity. For ourselves at JG, human interaction is key and I know it’s a view shared by many partners who, like us, appreciate the value of technology whilst remaining vigilant of balance.

Time my friends passes us all by and whilst we all need to plan for the future, reminisce about the past, let’s also remember our most important time is the present, life is precious enjoy 2020 and what I really hope will be an interesting and meaningful read.


15 Years of JG Collection Urban Waste

New Year New Hotel Offerings!
Image of Claudio Deli, MD Why the Best HotelsAs a new decade dawns we are looking at what our hotels are doing to promote sustainability and wellness but also healthy eating. We are pleased to report that our hotels are striving ahead when it comes to these ideas.Hotel Camiral have been busy planting a herb and vegetable garden to supply their kitchens, along with the bees producing delicious honey on the roof. However, our favourite idea from this hotel is their new edible straws, what a fab solution to save plastic from entering the oceans every year! Our MOBsters are making leaps and bounds when it comes to sustainable hotels and hospitality. Their MOB cares programme includes recycling or composting all waste, the banning of all non-reusable plastics, the growing of vegetables and plants, offering surplus food to charity and, like Hotel Camiral, they are also entertaining bees on the roof!Talking of waste, over in Italy our WTB Hotels are involved with a fantastic project known as Urban-Waste. Urban-Waste aims to support the re-using, recycling, collection and sustainable disposal of the waste created in tourist cities. we are delighted that WTB was the first leading Hotel in Florence to sign up for the Urban-Waste project and is now donating all surplus food from their breakfast buffet to charity daily.Not be out done our London hotel located at the heart of the city is doing amazing things as well. Vintry & Mercer  are now running on 100% renewable electricity sourced from wind, solar or biomass generators. They are are also using solar panelling along with heat pump technology in their air-conditioning system to keep us cool as we start looking forward to the warmer months.If it is wellness for all the family that you are after then look no further than Hillside Beach Club. With a kids club to keep the little ones entertained the big ones are free to do some yoga or go for a swim across the bay. If it is peace and quiet that you’re after then head round to the little pebble beach known as Serenity where you can lounge all day uninterrupted. After a long day of yoga, swimming or lounging head inside for a buffet of delicious delicacies  from classic local dishes to more creative pairings.Meanwhile over in New York Hotel Hendricks are serving up a pan-Latin fiesta of gourmet cuisine in midtown Manhattan. In his restaurant Paloma, Chef PJ Calapa has taken inspiration from his Grandmother’s Mexican cooking to create some truly mouth-watering dishes.Finally, but in no way least, we have a brand new healthy eating concept from Almanac Barcelona.  Launching on Friday 7th February 2020 and headed up by Chef Rodrigo de la Calle, VIRENS will be offering a delicious menu inspired by green haute cuisine and the principles of organic farming. Under Chef Rodrigo and his team  fruits and vegetables will at the centre of the table, complimented with carefully selected grains, meats and fish. Of course, no meal is complete without a little tipple to wash it down with and at VIRENS alongside a selection of beautiful wines, diners will be able to choose from healthy cocktails, smoothies or fermented drinks.

Working Title: Workplace Sustainability with Yoga and JG Collections new Coordinator.

15 Years of JG Collection Yoga
15 Years of JG Collection Yoga Pose

I am Victoria and I am delighted to have joined the JG Collection team as Sales Coordinator. I have enjoyed the last three months getting to know the team, clients and hotel partners and look forward to building strong partnerships with you all.

As you know we moved offices and are now located in Moorgate at WeWork, I am thoroughly enjoying all the benefits WeWork has to offer such as yoga, meditation and the interesting talks- not forgetting the free coffee and beer!
I now look forward to Mondays. I didn’t used to. No, I don’t look forward to opening up the inbox any more than you do!  But I do look forward to Monday’s. That is because of yoga. In our WeWork, yoga takes place between 5.30-6.30pm every Monday and that focuses your mind because you know that staying late on a Monday is not an option. Besides, leaving work on time on a Monday sets you up for a productive and balanced week.
I have not always been a fan of yoga, in fact the first time I tried it at the tender age of 18, I positively hated it! Lots of balancing and funny breathing. It was a good 5 years until I came back to it, once I had entered the workplace. Then it was a different story.
Living and working in London is stressful, just getting around is stressful enough, crammed into tubes like sardines with bags and human limbs squeezed against you. Then you get to work and no matter how great your workplace is there are deadlines and phone calls and emails and people wanting things from you. Yoga doesn’t want anything from you and instead of taking your space with a stupidly over sized bag it gives you space. It gives you the space to breathe, to re-connect to yourself and to your body. In yoga, whatever you do in the practice is always enough, it never demands or needs more.
This 1 hour of pure calm and space a week is enough to breathe out a manic Monday and re-focus my mind for the rest of the week. There are some specific poses that I find useful for specific things that might be going on. For example, warrior poses help me to ground myself and remind me of my strength, great for when I’m anxious; it reminds me that I have got this! Positions requiring balance such as the Vrikshasana, or Tree Pose to you and me, are great for sharpening my focus, particularly useful if you have been doing 10 things at once. Just bringing that concentration back, calming a racing mind and stretching out that tension makes for a better week. I would go as far as to say it increases my productivity. I have no scientific knowledge or evidence for this, just my own experience. I know that on the rare weeks when I have missed my 1 hour yoga practice on a Monday night I have felt it in my work, in my body and in my life for the rest of the week.


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Up and coming in 2020

The JG Collection is expanding. We will be welcoming three more hotels into the fold this year with Almanac Vienna, MOB House and L’Orologio Rome.

After the opening of the MOB HOTEL Paris les Puces in 2017, the first MOB HOUSE imagined by Cyril Aouizerate and created by Philippe Starck will see open in 2020 in the heart of Paris’ Flea Markets.

Almanac Vienna will be a Boutique Lifestyle Hotel with direct view over the Stadtpark  a Prime location within walking distance to luxury shopping, restaurants, bars, green spaces & major sights. 111 Rooms & Suites and Restaurant, bar, coffee shop & social members bar. Together with an Almanac Spa with indoor pool, sauna, steam room, fully equipped gym and treatment rooms. Some 967 sqm of conference and event spaces for 10 to 150 people. Glass ceiling Atrium, Library and Light – screening room

L’ Orologio Rome, after the success in both Florence and Venice the ancient city of Rome in late 2020 is destined to be as popular as it’s both its predecessors

Let’s not forget our most recent opening in late 2019, Hotel Hendricks.

As well as these 3 fab new hotels John has been scouting out some other great independent hotels that will be opening their doors this year. Click Here to see what is on John’s radar that should be on yours too!


15 Years of JG Collection Rupert Tan

5 minutes with the JGC Team

This month we are grabbing 5 minutes with Rupert Tan, one of our Scottish based Sales Managers
So Rupert, what is your Background and how did you get into hospitality?
I remember it was 1993 and I was a Production Manager for Ministry of Sound in Manchester (while I was in University). I enjoyed the operations aspect of putting on event providing a service to people. The next year I decided to go to hotel school in Switzerland and the rest is history.
This month we are focusing on health, wellness and sustainability do what do you do to keep healthy? 
CrossFit at 6:15am every morning five days a week maybe six. I hate running though. 2 espressos before 7:15am and that sets up my day. I try to avoid bread, pasta and I love meat probably too much.Up in Scotland you work a lot with our wonderful partners at ICMI, how did you get involved with that?
I was working in Malaysia at the time and I wanted to move my family back to the UK. My dad lives in Edinburgh and I thought it would be nice to live near him and let him see my boys grow up. He introduced me to Norbert Lieder who introduced me to John Green. I have been here ever since and loved every minute of it.So 6 months ago JGC re-located to a very hip and cool WeWork building so we are now surrounded by people who love all things tech, what is your favourite piece of tech and why?
Seriously? I hate technology. I like talking to people, going outdoors. I’m an 70s kid so for me my favourite tech would be the record player. Seriously.I am a massive bookworm and am always interested in what other people are reading, so what are you currently reading and is it any good?
Shoe Dog, Phil Knight. The story about Nike. I like reading about how things start. Biographies are always good because they are real and relatable.Finally we would love to know who is your best friend and why?
They say if you can count ten really good friends on your two hands you are doing well. I am quite blessed to be surrounded by great friends and people. I have really good mates for various parts of my life; gym, work, foodie etc. My best friend however is Kenneth Lum, a childhood mate who grow up with me. We used to get into trouble together all the time but I know that if I was stuck in the middle of the Antarctic in trouble and I called him, he would drop everything and come and get me. I would do the same for him. That’s what best friend means to me.

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The JGC Diary

The JGC Team are always running about . Here is where you can find us in the next few months, do pop by and say hello!



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